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Become a Harbor Area Farmers Market Vendor

Certified Producers

Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, raw nuts, bee products, cut flowers, nursery stock, cheese, eggs and fresh butchered meats for our "Certified Areas":

  1. You must possess a current Certified Producer's Certificate issued by your County Agricultural Commissioner. Every county in the state has such an office, and we accept only produce grown in California.

  2. Please send us an email via the contact form here on the website, with the name of your farm and which days of the week you are interested in or are available to attend.  We will send our Application Form to you. 

  3. Send the Application Form back to us with all relevant parts filled out, as well as copies of other necessary documents, and we will be in touch with you.

Non-Certified Producers

Pre-packaged/processed/food vendors for our "Non-Ag Areas":

  1. You must prepare your food items in a Health Department-approved site - usually a church or restaurant kitchen - and not in a private home, UNLESS YOU HAVE YOUR HOME KITCHEN APPROVED UNDER THE NEW STATE COTTAGE FOOD LAW (please check with your local Health Department about this). Once you have located such a facility, you must get written permission from its owner to prepare your food there.

  2. Please email us via the contact page here on the website and we will send our Application Form to you. 

  3. Send the Application Form back to us with all relevant parts filled out and we will be in touch with you.

  4. You must then talk to us directly about whether we both want and have room for you in any of our markets.

  5. If we are ready for you, we will communicate this both to you and the appropriate Health Department office.

  6. Then and only then (when #5 is fulfilled) do you pay your money to procure a "site-specific" Health Permit for each appropriate farmers' market sales location.

  7. Finally, you and the HAFM Market Manager will contact one another to arrange a date for your first appearance in a particular market.

Hot food vendors for our "Non-Ag Areas":

Please contact Market Manager, Kelli Johnson to discuss hot food opportunities in our markets. You may want to stop by the manager & information tent at the market you are interested in joining.  Other good ways to communicate would be Facebook or the contact form on this website.  Each market is different, but do consider that the primary sellers at all HAFM markets are the FARMERS after whom the markets are named.  This means that we do not allocate very much market space to food vendors, nor do we provide a 3-compartment sink.

Relevant phone numbers/info:

Los Angeles Co. Agricultural Commissioner's Office: 562-622-0426


Long Beach Health Dept: 562-570-4000 (ask for the Environmental Health Section) 

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