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Food Assistance


USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has replaced what was known as the Food Stamp program. HAFM farmers' market shoppers may access their SNAP benefits with their EBT cards.

ALL of HAFM's certified farmers markets in Los Angeles County, California (Wednesday-Huntington Park Farmers Market, Thursday-Long Beach Bixby Knolls Farmers Market, Friday-Long Beach Downtown Farmers Market, Saturday-Cerritos Farmers Market, Sunday-Long Beach Southeast/Marina Farmers Market, and Monday-South Gate Farmers Market) are equipped with one on-site electronic machine which updates USDA SNAP customer accounts.

Upon request, the customer will be issued HAFM market coupons or scrip for exclusive use in any of HAFM's six markets anytime.

This scrip can be spent


  • on SNAP-eligible foods

  • only whole $1 increments, no change given

In all of the Harbor Area Farmers Markets, the SNAP customer can go directly to the manager & information booth, where the attendant will process their transaction.  

WIC Program - Regular, Year-round:

A federal government pilot project allows regular year-round WIC clients to spend their $6, $8 and $10 checks in certified farmers' markets

  • year-round;

  • only with authorized farmers

  • only whole (no change given).

Farmers' Market Nutrition Program 
(FMNP) Checks - both WIC and Senior:

These government checks can be spent

  • only from May thru November of the specified year;

  • only on fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh cut herbs 
    (the Senior checks also include honey);

  • only with authorized farmers;

  • only whole (no change given).


Market Match: 


How can MARKET MATCH coupons be spent? 

  • only on fresh fruits and vegetables, and raw nuts;

  • only whole (no change given);

  • only on the day when (and in the market where) the coupons were obtained.

Who is eligible for MARKET MATCH coupons?

  • EBT (CalFresh) clients: Show the MARKET MATCH representative the transaction receipt for 20 EBT coupons and get up to 20 matching MM coupons. This can be done only once per market day.

  • WIC clients -- Regular, Year-round: Your $10 checks can be spent at HAFM's WIC-authorized farmers. These farmers will issue you receipts on your purchases. You show your receipts to the MARKET MATCH representative and these are matched with an equal number of MARKET MATCH coupons up to a limit of $10.

  • FMNP recipients -- both WIC and Senior: The FMNP Program runs from May through November every year. You show your FMNP checks and these are matched with an equal number of MARKET MATCH coupons up to a limit of $10.

Note: Maximum MARKET MATCH benefit obtainable in a marketday is $20. 

An important reminder on availability:

The MARKET MATCH program is not a government program and is subject to changes depending on funding available. Currently MARKET MATCH coupons are available every week in all six (6) of the HAFM markets, Monday South Gate, Wednesday Huntington Park, Thursday Bixby Knolls, Friday Downtown Long Beach, Saturday Cerritos and Sunday Long Beach Marina. 

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