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Special Program For Disabled Seniors

Friday Farmers Market, est. June 2009

As of June '09, we started offering a program to benefit disabled senior citizens in the Downtown Long Beach area.

Here's how it works:

Anyone of the proper description - over 55 and physically disabled - may claim $3-5 worth of special gift coupons on any given Friday, good toward purchase of ANY KIND OF ITEM IN THE FARMERS MARKET, including fresh fruit & vegetables, honey, eggs, flowers, plants, prepackaged food such as bread and variety snacks, hot food - ANYTHING AT ALL.

These coupons will be issued at the EBT Food Stamp Table. The coupons do not expire - you can save a few for the next week if you want to.

We will be keeping a log of those receiving the coupons, to eliminate "bogarting." At first, a disabled senior will be eligible every week. There is a limit on how many coupons can be issued in a given week, however. This may make an "only once a month" plan necessary at some time in the future.

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