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The Marina Farmers Market on Sunday is NOT closing.

It’s true there will be some shifting. But the Marina Farmers Market is not closing. The craft fair is not closing. The Sunday Marina Farmers Market and the Craft Fair are two separate organizations and we are both moving but will not be side by side, at least not for now.

The Sunday Marina Farmers Market is moving down to the parking lot nearest the shipyard. We will be moving down a little closer to 2nd street, still in the same set of parking lots on Marina Drive, some time soon after October 6.

The craft fair is also moving but hasn’t announced the new location yet.

Once the road work on Marina Drive is completed, it will be fresh and beautiful, with new sidewalks and bike lanes, more parking and it will be amazing to have traffic flowing again. Thank you for your patience, and please continue to support the farmers and makers on Sundays!

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